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Folder Locker v2

Folder Locker Now with advanced option :)
Can convert and lock folders to the following types :-
Network Connection , Printer and Fax , My Computer , Programs Folder , Administrator Tools.
(Note : - Requires .NET Framework 2.0)
MAK's Folder Locker
MAK's Folder Locker

Shortcut menu in all folder's

Demonstration :-

SQLI Hunter 1.0
sqli hunter

SQLI Hunter is a simple tool to scan for an Sql Injection vulnerability in a website.
It uses dorks to search links from Google a
nd then you can scan sites which are vulnerable to sql injection. 
Current version supports only 96 results.

SQLI Hunter can also find admin page of any website by using some predefined admin page lists.

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sqli hunter
sqli hunter
sqli hunter
sqli hunter
sqli hunter
sqli hunter

Download Here (Requires .NET Framework 3.5) OR
Download Portable

Comp Fixer

Sometimes You Might have Faced a Problem in Your System
that your TaskManager,Registry Editor and Other
System Tools got Automatically Disabled and you
cant even View The Hidden Files Due to Virus Attack!
This is a Useful Tool For Fixing(Enabling)
TaskManager,Registry Editor and msconfig.
It also Recovers The corrupted SafeBoot.
From The Advanced Option You Can also View The
Hidden Files.
Made in VB6

Screen Shots :-

Download Here

Folder Locker 1.0

A small tool to Lock Folder and make it private

Screen Shots :-

Tested in : Windows XP and Windows 7

Download Here
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