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Zeus Ranking Hunter Chrome Extension | SEO Tool

Now no more counting results from top of the page to check the ranking number of your domain name on Google, Yahoo or Bing search result page.
Zeus Ranking Hunter displays ranking number beside each search result to check your or your competitors ranking directly on Google, Yahoo or Bing SERP, so instantly know the ranking of each result.

Zeus Ranking Hunter fine-tunes Google, Yahoo and Bing search results in a number of ways including:
  • Adding ranking numbers to SERPs.
  • Internal and external link extractor.
  • Highlighting search result with specified color which matches the domain name added to the list(from options page).
  • Shows last cache date in search result for the domains added to the list(from options page).
  • Download search result data (urls and their rankings) as csv.
  • Side widget on Google SERP which displays matched domains and their ranks in a tabular format.


Zeus ranking hunter

download website ranks

internal and external urls
zeus ranking hunter options


  1. Could you please add:
    - option for adding domains in bulk
    - backup/restore option for user created settings (domains/colors)


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